Clients of ARNOLD LEGAL value the entrepreneurial and pragmatic approach, exercised and applied on assignments and mandates; clients of which provide the firm with a broad domestic and international base consisting of corporate entities, organisations and private individuals.

Members of the firm are senior attorneys admitted either to the bar of Zug or Zurich; of which two members act in their capacities as commissioned civil law notaries at the Zug office location.

Members have expertise and many years of experience in international legal affairs, are multilingual and fluent in English, German and other languages.

Partners of ARNOLD LEGAL hold memberships as non-executive Directors in several Swiss and foreign controlled companies and multinational corporations to which knowhow and expertise in legal and finance, compliance and tax, regulatory and administrative issues is extended and shared.

Other areas of expertise include the engagement and participation in coaching, development, restructuring and reorganisation of small- and mid-cap companies with advice and support also rendered to stake- and shareholders.

The law firm maintains offices at two locations in the German speaking region of Switzerland, such locations being Zug and Volketswil. The main office and headquarter of the firm is located in the city of Zug.

A network of correspondent relationships to domestic law firms in other regions and most major cities of Switzerland has been developed and is closely maintained. For legal services throughout Europe and for access to world-wide legal resources, the law firm has access to intercontinental networks of law firms. 

Auxiliary services to clients include notary public services in the Zug office and close affiliations with accounting and fiduciary firms offering a full range of independent accounting and international corporate and trust services.

ARNOLD LEGAL exercises and maintains a personal, highly entrepreneurial approach to clients and their legal issues in all practice areas. The practice areas include a complete range of legal services with a focus on commercial, corporate and individual business matters.


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